One Piece | What is Uta’s ability? Uta-Uta devil fruit that manipulates musical notes? Higher rank of Oto-Oto?


Scheduled to be released on August 6, 2022


Characters appearing in “The Diva of the World” Uta (Daughter of Shanks!) Was announced.

It’s awsome!

I think there are many One Piece fans who were surprised.


While the information is being dispensed.

Then what is Uta’s ability! ??

I think there are many people who are interested.

I also feel the hints unique to One Piece.

So, I have to talk about this topic.

Based on the published information of Uta.

What is the devil fruit of Uta’s ability?

In fact, is it the top rank of Otooto?

What are the weaknesses of Uta’s ability?

I considered various things.

Please check it out.


Uta’s ability to visualize notes is confirmed!

Then, the main subject immediately.

First of all, from the information that is known.

According to ONE PIECE FILM RED (Official), the information on Uta that is known at this stage is “Visualizing notes”

There is such a depiction.

ONE PIECE FILM RED|音符を可視化するウタの能力画像

As far as you can see this image.

“Ability to visualize musical notes”

That will be confirmed.

Visualize the notes, It may be the ability to attack.

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Is Uta’s ability the fruit of Utauta? What is the “Devil Fruit” model?

Then. What fruit of devil did Uta eat?

Let’s consider together.

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Simply to say, “Uta-Uta no Mi”? Or is it “the devil fruit of Opu-Opu”? “On-On”?

The Devil Fruit that appears in One Piece.

As you know.

Gum-Gum fruit
Mela-Mela fruit
Yami-Yami fruit

And so on.

All the names are two of the same sound.

The devil fruit that Uta ate.

Have to be that becomes

“the fruit of ◯◯ 2”.

As a candidate,

Uta-Uta (song)
Opu-Opu (musical note)
On-On (music)
Song-Song (song)
Kashu-Kashu (singer)
Hime-Hime (diva)

Is it candidate ?

Recently, the ability of the main character Luffy.

Gum rubber fruit Alias: Human-Human fruit (Animal type) Model “Nika” It turns out that.

Thinking about it, maybe there is another name for Uta’s ability?

Alias: Human Human fruit Candidate model name “Tennyo” “angel” “Benzaiten” “Venus” “Siren” “Apsaras” “Houri” “Valkyrie” And! ??

As another example, Former Marine Headquarters Marshal (currently Ometsuke) “Sengoku of Buddha” is. Human human fruit Zeon-type phantom beast species Model “Big Buddha” It is said to be a talented person.

For Uta’s ability There may be another name.

Uta’s hairstyle | There is a “ring” similar to Otohime & Shirahoshi

Consideration from the visual sense of Oto.

Looking at Oto’s hairstyle?

There is a “ring” behind it, isn’t it?


What resembles this hairstyle.

It appeared in the Fish-Man Island edition, Otohime Shirahoshi But it comes to mind.

What they have in common is “princess” Called Princess Uta.

Poetry with similar hairstyles Ability related to princesses (Or the name of the Devil Fruit)

I suppose this is possible.

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Is Uta’s ability higher than that of Oto-Oto?

Next, let’s consider Uta’s abilities.

As an individual,

Uta’s ability is higher than that of Otooto I think.

The reason is as follows.

Scratchmen Apoo “Oto-Oto no Mi”

Devil Fruit talent who appears in One Piece.

Which character has music-related abilities?

“Captain of the On-Air Pirates” “Beasts Pirates” Scratchmen Apoo (Prize money: 350 million berries)

Otooto’s real ability person is not it.


One Piece Volume 52 Episode 509
From “Kizaru vs. 4 Captains”

Turning the body into an instrument, There is a depiction of the notes being generated.

It is most similar to Uta’s ability.

In One Piece 981 episode,

The attack range of Apoo is Distance to hear the sound It is explained as.

It seems that you can prevent it by blocking your ears.

If you follow Apoo’s eyes, you can see the target of attacking.

Ability to attack & defend with sound.

Whether you use it well or prevent it. It’s quite a technical ability.

Is Uta’s ability also this system? I think.

The boss characters of successive one-piece films are powerful talents

Looking at the past One Piece Films?

Independent from the main story “Parallel world”

Although the element of is strong,Characters with powerful abilities have appeared in the boss characters.

December 2009
“One Piece Strong World” Shiki the Golden Lion “Fluffy fruit” (Superhuman Devil Fruit) Former Rocks Pirates Impel Down Prisoner.

December 2012
“One Piece Film Z” Black-armed Zephyr “Incompetent person” Armed-colored hero Kairou stone smasher Former Marine Headquarters General

July 2016
“One Piece Film Gold” Guild Tesoro “Gol Gol Fruit” (Superhuman Devil Fruit) Casino King (Doflamingo’s business associate)

July 2019
“One Piece Stampede” Douglas Bullet “Gashagasha fruit” (Superhuman Devil Fruit) Overlord color, armed color, and observing color user Former Roger Pirates Crew Apposition to the right arm of the Pirate King.

There are 3 superhuman abilities.

Uta’s ability also has a strong superhuman element.

Whether Uta is a boss character or not It’s not clear yet.

At the time of Shanks’ daughter, You can guess that it is a powerful ability.

Upper relationship in One Piece’s ability

It is well known that there is a higher-level relationship in the “Devil Fruit Ability” that appears in One Piece.

For example,

Mela Mela (Ace) <Mag Mug (Red Dog)
Gum Gum (Luffy) <Mochimochi (Katakuri)
Yuki Yuki (Monet) <Hiehie (Kuzan)

There are many settings where strong characters have higher abilities.

Gum Gum seems to have overtaken the mochi.

On the other hand, as mentioned above.

The boss characters that appear in One Piece film are strong enemies.

Thinking so? I think that Uta’s ability is upward compatible with the already known music-related ability “Otooto no Mi”.

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What are the weaknesses of Uta’s ability?

Then finally. Uta is a talented person.

What are Uta’s weaknesses?

(Other than seawater and water) 

Uta’s critical enemy is the fruit of Nagi-Nagi!

The first thing that comes to mind is It’s the fruit of Nagi-Nagi.

One of the superhuman devil fruits.

The ability to block all sounds, including voice.

If you have the ambition of the color, you can compete.

Will be related to sound, It can be said that it is a natural enemy of “Oto’s ability”.

Former owner, Rocinante: Corazon (Doflamingo’s younger brother) Has died and the current owner is unknown.

Probably to say,

“Someone” who appears in ONE PIECE FILM RED has a person who has the real ability of Naginagi.

There may be a scene that is depriving the man of his freedom.

Can the sound of Uta be prevented by the barrier of “Bari-Bari no Mi” ??

Another way to prevent sound.

“Bartolomeo’s Barrier”Is not it?

「ONE PIECE FILM RED」作中のバルトロメオの画像

Even in the trailer, it has appeared perfectly!

The real ability of crunchy is a barrier.

Ability to prevent physical attacks Sound is the vibration of the air, so in principle it can be completely prevented.

Actually, King punch that sinks the four emperors Furious oden attack It prevents attacks that would be the “strongest class” in the main story of One Piece without any damage.

However, the image of Bartolomeo.

An ardent fan of Uta? In addition to It is a depiction of sweating.

A scene that protects Uta? It may be. Also, Bartolomeo.

I respect the main character, Luffy, by calling him “Luffy Senior”.

Luffy respects Shanks. And Uta is Shanks’ daughter.

What does that mean?

For Bartolomeo, Uta is also a subject of respect.

If Uta is an “enemy”.,Bartolomeo can’t attack Uta.

Maybe he is sweating because of that.

Is there a key to Robin’s words “staff”?

Officially announced

Straw Hat Pirates Comments From this, we can infer Uta’s ability.


For example, Robin’s remark.

Maybe this staff is meaningful, isn’t it?

The staff notation is a score, isn’t it?

Music-related ability = Uta’s ability I feel it foreshadowing.

If it’s a sound, you can prevent it by simply closing your ears.

It would be even more troublesome if it was in the upper ranks of “Otooto no Mi”.

Do you know Jinbe’s words “you guys”?

The rest is Jinbe’s comment.


It seems that you know the abilities of “you guys” and “that child” This would be about Uta’s abilities.

You “guys” is a plural form.

The Navy Marshal “Akainu” also appeared in the released video.

Also, Coby and Helmepo.

First of all, the possibility of “you = the Navy”.

then, another one?


Welcome to the whole country! !!

It’s Gordon. (The cast is voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda)

He looks like the mastermind this time.

Entanglement with Uta will occur.

If you look closely …? Earplugs (headphones) doing.

It seems to hold the weakness of Uta.

Gordon may also be a talented person.

That is the ability to command and control the sound.

shiki-shiki(Conductor) fruit or something like that.

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What did you think?

It is almost certain that Uta is a talented person.

(Added on June 8, 2022)

Uta sings “7 songs” Such information is also known.

Uta = seven-colored singing voice, Is it the setting?

In that sense … As considered on YouTube, The fruit of Niji-Niji(rainbow) There may be a line like that !?

Wow, everyone Great consideration!

It has surprised the fans, Author Eiichiro Oda (Oda-chi) Dare not to publish everything.

Is there a hint that “connects to the main story” ?

I can’t wait for the movie to be released!

ONE PIECE FILM RED It is a topical preeminent.


You don’t have to involved, OK?

Shanks says so …

I can’t do it without plunging!! 

Thank you for reading to the end !!

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いいね または フォローしてね!

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