Did Rakuten stocks fall shortly after Garcy’s exposure? Results compared to the other three competitors


Mr. Garcy’s exposure to President Mikitani is unstoppable.

What kind of development will it be in the future?

In this article, immediately after the tweet by President Mikitani in response to Mr. Garcy’s exposure of Mikitani’s scandal.

Did Rakuten Group’s stock price fall?

In addition, this article also compared the decline with three competiors.

Did the scandal caused by the owner of Rakuten affect the stock price?

Please have a look.


Did Rakuten stocks fall shortly after Garcy’s exposure?

Now, let’s start with the main subject.

President Mikitani responded to Mr. Garcy’s exposure at 23:19 on June 27, 2022.


What happened to Rakuten Group’s stock price since then?

Rakuten stock price transition: After 6/27 ~

In conclusion, two days after President Mikitani responded to Mr. Garcy’s exposure.

The Rakuten Group stock price on June 29 was temporarily down by about 20 yen.

楽天株価の推移: 6/27以降〜
引用先:Google Financeより

After that, the price temporarily recovered to the price before the decline.

And then, after the recovery, it has dropped to 604 yen (As of July 1).

The rate of decline is about 5%.

After the Lehman shock in 2008, the Nikkei Stock Average has recorded a decline rate of about 50%.

What happens when the Nikkei Stock Average falls sharply other than the Lehman shock?

  • IT bubble burst: 2000
  • Great East Japan Earthquake: 2011
    16.1% down
  • China Shock: 2015
    28.3% down
  • Corona-virus Shock
    : February-March 2020
    30.6% down

Then think about it.

As far as the current trends are concerned?

It cannot be said that Rakuten Group’s stock price has “slumped” due to Mr. Garcy’s exposure.

Daiwa Next Bank | Looking back on the “○○ shock” of the Nikkei Stock Average since 2000

No, no !!

You can’t tell without comparing with Rakuten Group’s competitors!!

Yes, you’re right.

Of course, such kind of question also comes up.

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Stock price comparison of three other companies competing with Rakuten

Then, let me answer the question.

  1. Softbank Group
  2. Amazon
  3. Mercari

I compared the above three companies, including the Nikkei Stock Average.

Stock price comparison ① : June 2022 ~

At first, the price comparison from June 2022.

Quoted information:Google Finance

Well, it’s falling overall.

Indeed, compared to the three competing companies?

Rakuten Group has the highest rate of decline.

But is it falling significantly?

As a numerical,  It’s subtle value

Judging from the one-month span, Mr. Garcy’s exposure does not seem to have a significant impact on Rakuten Group’s stock price so far.

Stock price comparison ② : January 2022 ~

Just in case, the transition from January 2022 is also compared.

引用先:Google Financeより

What has happened to Rakuten Group’s stock price since January 2022 ?

Although it is lower than the SoftBank Group, which has remained at the same level as the Nikkei Stock Average.

The rate of decline is at the same level as Amazon’s stock price.

Mercari is having the hardest time.

Even if you look at the overall price movement since the beginning of 2022.

Mr. Mikitani’s scandal revealed by Mr. Garcy does not seem to have significantly affected the Rakuten Group’s stock price so far.

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How should President Mikitani react to Garcy’s exposure?

As Mr. Garcy himself, about the reaction of President Mikitani.

  • I wish he should hadn’t such reacted
  • I thought President Mikitani was a smarter person
  • Even though I made it a hidden letter of M, President Mikitani reacted, so I had no choice but to counter it
  • The tweet that President Mikitani responded to has caused a turmoil so far

Mr. Garcy have made the above comments.

It seems that Mr. Mikitani’s reaction was surprising for Mr. Garcy.

Actually, we can look at Mr. Mikitani’s tweet about Mr. Garcy’s disclosure information.


Ukrainian men don’t go out now

His usage of Japanese is a little strange.

Was President Mikitani drunk?

If so, President Mikitani lacked calmness.

I can guess such a situation.

As a result, President Mikitani’s reaction on Twitter ignited Mr. Garcy.

First of all, wasn’t there a way to talk to Mr. Garcy directly?

Or keep saying “I don’t know”.

The so-called

“Silence is money”

Well, after all.

No matter what the reaction of President Mikitani.

Mr. Garcy seems to have been exposed anyway.

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What did you think about this article?

I told you about the impact of Mr. Garcy’s exposure on Rakuten Group’s stock price.

For now, the impact is small, but …

Depending on Mr. Garcy’s exposure, it also affects the stock price of Rakuten Group !?

In 2022, President Mikitani’s assets will be 569 billion yen.

It is the 7th place in Japan’s millionaire ranking.

Before Mr. Garcy exposed the scandal, President Mikitani confidently tweeted about the future of Rakuten Group as follows.

  • I have absolute confidence in the future of Rakuten Group
  • Believe it or not, it’s at the discretion of Rakuten’s shareholders

Wow, he is bullish !

Can President Mikitani take a bullish stance as he is ?

What is the impact on stock prices if a large business owner causes a scandal ?

It will continue to attract attention !!

Thank you for reading to the end !!

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